How to Promote the Right Content?

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Words have never been more powerful than those used online. No SEO strategy will be complete without content that is keyword-rich, relevant and original. In fact, content was such a powerful tool in optimization that it was abused, prompting Google to develop Panda, an algorithm that targets low quality content with high bounce rates. This […]

Top 3 Blogs in the Blogging Niche

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In blogging, there are authoritative voices you constantly go to for advice. These sources tell you the ins and outs of blogging and really provide insightful information based from years of experience. That being said, here are three the best blogs about blogging for your reference: 1. ProBlogger URL: Founder(s): Darren Rowse The About ProBlogger […]

The Dangers of Reading

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from :mnmlist One of the biggest reasons I depart from my minimalist philosophy is reading. Specifically, reading about what others are doing. I read a blog post, or a magazine article, about someone doing something interesting: traveling, using a new productivity system, doing a new kind of workout, brewing artisinal coffee, making bread. And then […]

Blogsite Benefits

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Among the various opportunities spurned by digital media today, blogsites provide the most creative, interactive, and affordable method. Unlike a website where complex processes are involved, a blogsite is easy to maintain while achieving the same results. In addition, a blogsite is where you will be able to provide in-depth understanding of what your product […]