How to Promote the Right Content?

Words have never been more powerful than those used online. No SEO strategy will be complete without content that is keyword-rich, relevant and original. In fact, content was such a powerful tool in optimization that it was abused, prompting Google to develop Panda, an algorithm that targets low quality content with high bounce rates.

This greatly improved website content, but raised the bar in terms of promoting it. Don’t worry; there are effective ways to get Google and online users to notice your content.

Make sure your idea will stick

Finding an idea that can cause something similar to a last song syndrome is no easy feat. This might also inadvertently lead to a mental block. Well, just think of any idea and then verify it against the six core parts of sticky principles — simple, unexpected, concrete, credible, emotional and tells a story.


Know your audience

To whom are you talking to? Who are the people you want to reach out using your content? Getting to know your target audience is essential, especially in the emotional aspect. It will be hard to connect with them on an emotional level if you don’t have a grasp of their behavior or how they will react. To this end, carry out customer intelligence, market research or use FullContact, a tool that lets you gather information about your audience.

Promote effective content

Using Google Analytics, you will have an idea which content has greatly contributed to conversion. You can then promote it as a top content through organic outreach, paid or both. Just don’t overspend on it, as a content page is relatively low in terms of conversion, compared to product pages.

Learn from competitors

Got a competitor who’s leading the race? Find out what they’re doing to succeed and see if you can use the same thing. You can also find ways to add a twist to their process and make it completely your own.

Writing content is not easy. Promoting it? Even harder. But, by following the steps above, you will also succeed.

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Top 3 Blogs in the Blogging Niche

In blogging, there are authoritative voices you constantly go to for advice. These sources tell you the ins and outs of blogging and really provide insightful information based from years of experience. That being said, here are three the best blogs about blogging for your reference:

1. ProBlogger


Founder(s): Darren Rowse

The About ProBlogger section of the site says “This site is dedicated to helping other bloggers learn the skills of blogging, share their own experiences and promote the blogging medium.” Through this site, you will learn how to monetise your blogging efforts (the founder earned income through blogging) and read guest posts from other industry experts. The posts on the site are really thorough and provide a lot of substance.

2. Copyblogger


Founder(s): Brian Clark

What started out as a one-man blog by Brian Clark has now turned into a powerhouse that offers very valuable information about creating “killer online content.” The site teaches you how not to be bland, which is really what you need in order to stand out in the very congested area known as the internet.

3. Blogging Tips


Founder(s): Kevin Muldoon (originally), Zac Johnson (acquired the site in 2010)

The site is what it is: a resource for blogging tips. The site is a helpful resource for everything and anything about blogging. Different writers from all over the world contribute their ideas to the blog which gives readers different voices and perspectives on how to succeed with blogging.

As a bonus, you can also refer to Blogging Basics 101 ( which is the perfect resource when you’re just starting to blog. The site will teach you the basics of blogging from the legal use of logos down to repurposing blog posts into new content forms.

Blogging has been around for ages, and it does help to read the content of those who have experienced its humble beginning and are now reaping the rewards of its success.

From Obscurity to Stardom: 5 Secret Ways to Make Your Blog Stand Out

blogging tipsBlogs are all over the web and their sheer number may exactly be the reason why it’s common to see blog sites come and go. With so many people aspiring to be part of the exciting blogosphere, the concept has become so saturated that one’s blog has to be particularly innovative to be able to stand out among the thousands, even millions, out there.

Whether you are maintaining your blog for personal reasons or you envision it becoming a source of passive income, you certainly wouldn’t want your own space on the web to just remain in obscurity for all eternity. At some point, you may have to look into these suggestions and find a way to be part of what people consider as “mainstream” – and perhaps, enjoy the perks of being an ‘internet sensation’ even for just a short while. If you want that, I say you must bookmark these blogging tips.

Secret #1: Don’t Follow the Herd

If you want a surefire way to make your blog stand out, it’s as simple as thinking about a niche or topic that is totally out of the box and work your way up. Who knows – your affinity for pranks can just get the internet buzzing about your seemingly rad blog!

Secret #2: Facts Are Your Friend

While you don’t have to hire a team of journalist to dig the facts behind every statement you make in your blog, you have to be honest with the source of the information you share with them. This means that if there is any fact that needs verification, it would be a good practice to share the links from where you got them from.

Secret #3: Sell with Controversy

When you want to drive more traffic into your blog, you shouldn’t be afraid of a little controversy, especially one that may catch the attention of some disagreeable folks. They may throw some nasty comments on one of your posts, however, you can gain more page views and a wider readership in exchange.

Secret #4: Do Marketing the Subtle Way

Though advertisers may be instrumental in keeping your website running, it’s your readers who give you that leverage over other blogs of the same niche. Don’t stuff your blog with dozens of interactive ads and affiliate banners like other blogs do and you’ll surely attract a sizeable number of loyal followers who are out in search of sensible information.

Secret #5: Write with Passion

Readers tend to gravitate bloggers who have a unique voice. They want to hear from a strong standpoint so show your passion whenever you write a post. It’s also a great way to keep them engaged as well as keep them coming back for more.

With these tips, you’ll have a good start to making your blog be known to the virtual community and become the star in your blog’s niche.

The best of luck!



The Dangers of Reading

from :mnmlist

One of the biggest reasons I depart from my minimalist philosophy is reading.

Specifically, reading about what others are doing.

I read a blog post, or a magazine article, about someone doing something interesting: traveling, using a new productivity system, doing a new kind of workout, brewing artisinal coffee, making bread. And then I want to do that too.

And I think we all do this. We all read inspirational things, or hear about them from a friend, and fantasize about ourselves doing the same thing.

This is often a good thing — inspiration is good, right? Learning from others is definitely good. But this inspiration can often cause me to forget about what I’ve learned, and soon I’m heading down a new path, buying a lot of things to support my new pursuit … only to abandon this pursuit when I’ve read something else.

This has happened to me dozens of times. I want to learn Spanish, programming, breadmaking, pizzamaking, teamaking, hiking, Crossfit, ultrarunning, drawing, fiction writing, guitar, history, films, great novels, and more.

Individually, each of these is wonderful. But when I get obsessed with the next new thing to learn about, the other things suffer. I can’t learn about them all at once. Such distraction pulls away my focus, keeps me from doing well at any one thing.

What’s the antidote? Focus. Sticking to something long enough to really learn it. Remembering your priorities. Not getting distracted by every new thing you read.

The answer isn’t to stop reading, but to be more mindful of your impulses when you do read.


Thank you to Leo Babauta for such a generous heart.

Blogsite Benefits

Among the various opportunities spurned by digital media today, blogsites provide the most creative, interactive, and affordable method. Unlike a website where complex processes are involved, a blogsite is easy to maintain while achieving the same results.

In addition, a blogsite is where you will be able to provide in-depth understanding of what your product or service is all about to your target audience. It is an online portal where you can share your insights and expertise about particular topics, utilize various types of media, reach a wider audience, and directly interact with them!

  • Increase visibility in your target market.
  • Share to others your objectives and help them understand your business or campaign better.
  • Increase your earnings, generate more leads, and give your business leverage in your field.
  • Maximize your potential with various types of media such as videos, images, music, podcasts
  • Hone your creativity and learn from the exercise.

5 Highlights from CES 2015 Day One

CES 2015 runs from the 6th of January all the way to the 9th. In that span of time, new technologies will be introduced and showed off, all of which will have an impact on consumer technology in the following months.

For such a large event featuring the biggest names in the tech industry, there’s only so much you can digest. A lot of products and innovations will surely stand out in an event such as this, and here are the most noteworthy:


Car technology

Tech is already ingrained into our vehicles and auto manufacturers just showed what the future of car technology will be. Ford introduced Sync 3, their Smart car platform, last month but went a little in depth at CES. The company suggested that cars will act as data collectors in the future to help with adapting to road conditions, finding spaces for parking and even customizing insurance for drivers.

Apart from Ford, BMW also showed the new touchscreen and gesture controls for its iDrive interface. On the other hand, Pioneer showcased their NEX series in-dash multimedia receivers which features Android Auto integration.

Intel’s RealSense

The press conference of Intel highlighted lots to look out for. For one, they focused on RealSense, a system that makes use of a 3D camera in order to detect depth and gestures in real time.

Intel also introduced a security application for RealSense called True Key, which is a facial recognition tool. Apart from that, the chip manufacturer also promoted robotics applications with iRobot devices capable of detecting and moving through three-dimensional spaces. They also highlighted the use of RealSense by drones in order to avoid obstacles while flying.

Dell’s new products

Dell unveiled quite a few products to look forward to. One of which was the XPS 13, a compact and lightweight laptop which is the smallest 13-inch device in the world. They also promoted refreshed versions of their popular Alienware gaming laptops.

Smart homes

Just as tech invaded cars, they too are coming into our homes. A highlight of the smart home solutions were the first HomeKit – a feature of iOS 8 that sees your home connected to your iOS mobile devices – accessories for Apple devices. iDevices and iHome showcased two accessories that make use of the HomeKit platform.

Another highlight was the security system of MyFox, a European security company, which aims to prevent crime before it happens.

Pet technology

Better tracking of pets was provided by Tagg with its heat-sensing pet tracker. But not to be outdone was Motorola who showed off their Scout 5000 device, a GPS-enabled device that not just allows you to see what your pet sees but also allows you to speak to it.

All of these wonderful technologies in just a day at CES. Only time will tell when you get to see these products in actual use.